Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I don't want to hear that Chandeliers are out...

Before my last craft fair I created a few new designs to sell. I really should be doing this every time but sometimes I get busy...or frustrated...or frustrated and busy. Alas, the fair wasn't so great (it seemed to only be a Bobby Pin crowd) so no one took one of these beauties home. =) Most of my earrings that I make with roses are posts...that seemed to be the easiest and simplest look. I personally like dangles best so I was set on finding something to attach the roses too. I found some little metal filigree triangles and they are the perfect size for the little roses. I love it when ideas work out!

I've made two so far, "Ivy" a dark green and black, and "Robin" a light turquoise.
I don't want to hear that chandeliers are out. They're classic, they've been in since the Victorian era. =P So put your hair up ladies and wear your dangle earrings.


  1. I love these dangling darlings!! But, I am a sucker for all things in the green to aqua spectrum! Thanks for the laugh about the bobby pin crowd - stick with it, you're going to find your place/rhythm soon!!!

  2. You are now linked on my blog! So all of my... like, five readers can come see your beautiful jewelry.

  3. Well luckily I did offer bobby pins...and I think that was just about all I sold. lol Thanks Alien, hey i think you doubled my readers! =p