Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surprise!! You have Potatoes!

I don’t buy all organic always but potatoes, being tubers, are on my organic only list. Organic potatoes root quickly and I don’t always cook them in time. When I have a few past their time, like any other veggie, I give it a final send off by throwing it into the backyard. I’ve needed to mow the back yard for about a week. It’s been muggy or raining so I kept putting it off. Tonight being 75, I had no excuse. I mowed over a few new weeds by the back fence but the others were to close to the fence to annihilate. When I finished up the back, I walked over to pull up the remaining plants and this came up.
Surprise!! You have baby golden potatoes! If I had known growing potatoes was this damn easy I would have done it a long time ago. Turns out I still have 4 plants…so I didn’t destroy the whole natural spud garden. I was thinking about replanting them in my raised beds but the beds aren’t deep enough so I left them by the fence.
Something else really taking off is my Blackberries. They started as a clearance bush from Lowes I bought 2 years ago. The first year I had a few blackberries but nothing to write home about. The plant continued to get bigger though so I wrapped it around the fence piece I’d planted it in front of.
A couple of weeks ago it was covered in blooms and now has over 200 blackberries on it. I’ll have to guard it closely so I get more berries than the birds do.