Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ready to dye

I had two dresses and a top mixed in with my scrap fabric. I saved them because I liked the fit and style...but the colors...not so much. Today I decided to dye them.

Rit liquid dye ($3.79) in Teal (my favorite color lately) a container of salt ($0.42) rubber gloves ($2.49) and I was ready to dye.
The baby pink dress was first. I had bought it new at the Gap in 2007 and had worn it maybe 3 times since then. It was super soft, delicate and I didn't hate the Ballerina pink per say, but it was see through and needed a full slip. If a slip is required, generally the garment stays hanging in my closet.

I followed the stove top instructions for 100% cotton. I added half the bottle of dye, and one cup of salt to the pot of nearly boiling water. I stirred the garment for roughly 30 minutes. I rinsed it in cool water til it ran clear then added a little more dye and soaked only the bottom of the dress for another 30 minutes.

I wasn't going to waste a pot full of dye so I started the next item. A light blue dress from Forever 21, 100% rayon I believe. It was even older than the pink dress. It was too big for me so I sewed the straps first. It also had some stains and discoloration. I wanted it to stay a light color and only soaked it for 15-20 minutes then rinsed it in cool water. I wasn't sure what the trim was made of but it absorbed the dye quite well.

The third item was a lace top hand me down from my sister. I actually liked the color but on my fair skin it gave off the look of jaundice. Not a look that most women want. I had no idea what the fabric was so I added vinegar to the pot just in case. After the first 15 minutes nothing was happening...still mustard, but after 30 minutes it looked like it was starting to change color. Being that it was originally in the yellow family, the end color was a dark green.