Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nuts for Coconuts!

I've neglected a lot of things after starting a new job last making jewelry, creating new recipes, remembering birthdays, remembering my name.... and this blog. 

The changing of my usuals left ripples, pushing many things to the breaking point. Most were washed away while others sank to the bottom. 

So we find something little that we can take power toiletries. 

I stopped using shampoo and conditioner about a year ago. For the first time in my adult life my hair isn't dry, but soft and healthy. Once my scalps natural oils could get back to doing what it does naturally without shampoo stripping it away, everything normalized. I do an occasional apple cider vinegar rinse or baking soda scalp scrub but for the day to day...I just rinse it in the shower and pour a little bit of coconut milk on my head. 

You have to play with the water to coconut milk ratio. Not enough water will add more oil to your hair. Depending on the dryness and type of hair (short, fine, long, curly etc) you may need less or more coconut milk. I have long fine straight blonde hair but I have a lot of it. One tablespoon of coconut milk in a 8 oz glass poured on my head is enough. If I use more, I require some baking soda on my scalp or its too oily for my preference. 

Which leads me to the point of this entry....coconut milk. 

The Topical Benefits: Rich in vitamins A & C both very benfical to skin, calcium and natural proteins for smooth skin, a natural detangler for your hair, fatty acids to treat irritated skin, eczema and dermatitis and aids in hair growth. 

The smell alone is enough to try it. The price...under $1 a can. A little goes a long way. I go through maybe a can every 10 days and keep it in the fridge after I open it. I started pouring it on me in the shower as a body cleanser, it makes me feel exotic, like I still live on a tropical island ( I gave up using soap in the shower too). If I had a tub, I'd bath in it. It leaves you skin soft and moisturized with no need for lotion. And unlike coconut oil, which I also love, it fully aborbs with no oily feel. You won't be able to stop smelling your arms. 

I now bathe my dogs in it. I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't bathe your dogs in anything that isn't edible. Dogs lick everything you put on them, so why on earth would you use toxic chemicals on their skin and hair!?!? Mine HATE baths but they LOVE coconut milk. They start licking their lips as soon as I open the can. It makes them smell good, conditions their hair and moisturizes their skin.  

Patrick half asleep watching me blog.