Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rolling Dogs and Billups Art Fair

It's gorgeous today in Nashville! The sun is out with bright blue skies and its about 75 degrees...you can’t beat that..unless maybe you have a big pool and a large floatable you can lay in while drinking iced tea. I took the dogs outside and clipped them to the old laundry line in the backyard. It's really perfect for that, like an instant zip line. I bought dog tie outs with clips on each end at the dollar store…score! While the dogs rolled around in the grass in perfect sync with each other, I imagined they were having the times of their lives and I tried not to think that maybe they’d found something dead or perhaps cat poo. I choose to go with ignorance as I photographed them play.

A friend and I shared a booth at the Billups Art Fair this last Saturday. She had a booth next to me at the Walden Art show and we thought…”our tables are small, why don’t we share!” We’ve decided to pair up whenever possible. It just makes things easier when you have two people. You can do cool things like…go to the bathroom.

“Rose Loves Bobby, But Who Doesn’t” Bobby pins in new colors!!!

This is Laura Amstutz awesome artwork…I wanted several paintings, alas I don’t have large or “frequent” income. =P

The organizer of the event had live music too which was brilliant…I have no photos of that because I stayed up until 3am the night before at a concert and had very little brain cells left. I even forgot chairs! My boyfriend was nice enough to drop by my house and pick some up…what a good boyfriend. I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I normally do, although while I was there clicking away I felt a little annoyingly click happy. Perhaps that was the Bonjo Java Peppermint Patty.

Websites where you can buy the jewelry and art in this post:


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