Monday, July 20, 2009

Radnor Lake Hike just outside of Nashville

It’s been a long time coming but I finally got to explore a little bit of Nature in Nashville.

Located a mere 8 miles from the downtown area is a oasis in the lush Overton Hills (when I think of hills, I think of something you ride a bike down…these are small mountains) sits 85 acre Radnor Lake. Once we got off the highway we headed down Harding Place which led to the incredible Forrest Hills area. Forrest Hills is so beautiful it could be a life goal to own a home there. A girl needs a goal!!

Otter Road leads to the parking (one of two ways to get there) for Radnor Lake.
The trail map boasts of different trails you can take from easy to moderate to difficult. We decided to take the Lake Trail (easy) which goes around the lake then switch to the South Lake Trail (moderate) that goes up the mountain a little then back down to the Lake Trail to get back around the lake. There is also Ganier Ridge Trail and South Cove Trail that are labeled difficult. Both are a little over a mile and look to go across the top of the “hill”.

Not even ¼ of a mile into the hike we saw dear. They were very close to the trail and the 3 adults had a fawn with them. I of course was not prepared for wildlife so quickly and was fumbling with getting my camera out and missed them. Luckily just around the bend I heard the rustling of leaves.

The lake itself was a tad bit algaefied. It was bright green and with the bright blue sky was actually quite beautiful but I’d never want to swim in it. Besides, I’m sure its full of snakes or leaches…or shrieking eels.

The trail along side the lake was wonderful and clean with occasional walker mommies with their strollers going by. Besides a few spots where the sun beamed between branches, the trail was almost completely shaded. At one point I looked out at the algae that looked to be a lime jello mould across part of the lake, and I saw a small pink Croc sitting on the algae. It looked to be walking across the lake. How it got there…my guess would be an older brother threw it…just a guess. In my opinion it was a fashion choice and he did the world a favor.

The trail leading up the “hill” was lovely and serene. For most of the trail it was just us.

Just us and the squirrels, the turtles, the dear, the lizards, the chipmunks and the birds.

Anytime I heard the leaves I’d look for creatures. For the most part it was squirrels or Robins but a couple of times it was very fast moving chipmunks or another dear. The trees reached high above us and shaded our footsteps.

Half way into our trip around the lake we noticed this sign. They really are serious about it being a “walking” trail only. There is no mention of skipping however. And how exactly did they come up with the fine amount?

We stopped at a small deck with benches to snack on strawberries and cherries from “Trader Joe’s”. They were sweet, large and awesome by the way.

While sitting in this amazing setting and watching the lake, we saw a dear swimming across. How weird…I guess he is taking the shortcut. Watch out for snakes buddy!!

Another dear sighting a little closer this time.

It was a perfect day for a great walk. In all it was about a 3.5 mile trip. We took our time, walking, talking, looking for animals and of course stopping for pictures. =)

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