Monday, February 14, 2011

Smile Singleton...It's Valentines Day

Most mornings as of late I've woken up happy. Even more so when the sun is creeping through my blinds and the alarm hasn't gone off yet. The puppies wait eagerly on the floor below for me to make the slightest move. My bed is very high off the floor…3.5 feet actually, so you want to make sure all the cylinders are running before you get out of bed. There's a large mirror against the wall so I see my skinny pale legs every morning as I climb down.

I have a little crush. And this tiny wild seed grows a European garden of happiness. Something that makes me grin when no one is around is a new one for me. I find myself skipping the sad songs and putting the happy ones on repeat. With the slightest glance, this man can light me like a firecracker. Not to be overly dramatic but I think of him to be the most beautiful man I've ever seen in real life. I'm sure I read like a freakin' idiot but since I feel like I'm from another planet most of the time anyway, I don't embarrass too easily anymore. I've become more comfortable with myself enough to say, "that's how I feel, take it or leave it".

It's Valentine's Day and I'm single. I haven't been single on Valentine's day since 2000. I called my single girlfriends who seem to just want to get past this dreadful day. But none of that even accrued to me this morning because I have a semi-permanent smile across my face. I bought lavender roses for my female co-workers…I bought a flowerless chocolate cake and decorated it with purple sugar and strawberries. I painted my toenails pink and my fingernails purple with little pink hearts. I put on my red sparkly heels and a short skirt and smiled all day long at work wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. And I meant it…

Disclaimer: I did get a little snarky with a few guys…asking them if today was everything they dreamed it would be. Or asking an older woman if her husband had planned anything exciting like a hot air balloon ride. =P (Which really isn't so uncommon in Franklin, I see hot air balloons all the time.)

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