Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes you need a Tutu...

I've always wanted to be a dancer. It claimed the top spot on my list, next to singer/songwriter and Princess (secret princess of course and some day someone would reveal this truth to me…I'm still waiting). I was a Ballet dancer in grade school but I was also a little lazy in grade school and shit at sticking with something. I'm talking to you Guitar and Piano…and foreign languages.
When I approached my parents about dancing again years later, my father very appropriately replied with, "most dancers end up dancing on tables",  and that was the end of the discussion. I don't mention this to say that had it not been for my father I would have been a Prima Ballerina in some prestige ballet company dancing Swan lake and quite honestly perhaps retired by now because I'm no spring chicken by Ballet standard. No, I'm not stupid. I say this because every time I dance I think about that statement…every time some stranger says to me, "are you a ballerina?" it crosses my mind and nearly escapes my lips.
When I was in junior high, I thought about dancing again, but much like my singer/songwriter dream it seemed quite the long shot. Being the realistic kid that I was, I decided that a Accountant would be a safer dream choice.  I was a very mature child and also quite good at math and organization…and perhaps a little weird.

My Belly dancing instructor has been trying to break me of my Ballerina habits still engrained in me after 20 years. When I walk into a dance school, I still hold my body as if going through the positions. Doing a turnout without even realizing it. I crave the plié and the petit jeté. Belly dancing is more relaxed…they love to tell you "just let the fat jiggle!!". But Ballerinas have no fat!  I weigh 106 for Pete's sake...what is there to jiggle?
After watching "The Adjustment Bureau" on Tuesday I couldn't take the longing anymore. I was a little dramatic when I got home, as I was also wanting a true love soul mate who was damning the authority to be with me. Still being the smart realistic kid that I am, I choose to go with the dance option.

I went online today to look for classes. I'd looked in the past with no luck. Adults don't seem to interested in taking Ballet. And yet there seems to be a almost disturbing amount interested in Hip Hop. Landing on the Nashville Ballet website I noticed a small link that said…."Adult Classes". I am now filling out registration papers. I plan to take all the classes I can until I progress to the more advanced classes.

I sprained the ligament on my right foot last week. Its wrapped in a ace bandage and I can't walk normally. Was I hiking? Was I jumping down from a tree or running the track in the backyard? No, I was doing something really strenuous ….casual walking then dancing around my house. My class starts in 2 weeks so hopefully my foot will be usable by then. Foot, don't ruin my dream!!

I've taken classes here and there over the years but most of the dance magic happens nearly every night at my house. I have the New York Ballet workout book. There's no barre…or teacher, or tutu but none of that is needed when the music starts and you can feel the moves in your soul before your muscles form them. OKay, sometimes you need the tutu…


  1. Hooray! I love dance - always an important part of my life that my logical self can't quite stamp out. I've found most luck at adult classes being offered either through professional companies or universities (you can enroll JUST to take the ballet class). Though have lucked into finding some others also.

    Is your family all safe and ok after the tsunami today? I don't have a good way to reach them, but I do care for them. I hope everyone and their homes and cars are safe and well.

  2. Good for you! You have always had the ballerina body! You go! Take lots of pics. Cant wait to here how it goes. Lots of Love. Rachel