Sunday, August 16, 2015

Patrick Hearts Pilates

I started Pilates again after a long hiatus. As soon as I lay down on the mat, this was in my face.

 Patrick, a 10 year old Jack Russell/Toy Fox Terrier is 5 lbs of attention yearning. He craves consistent attention from touching and/or throwing a ball. He follows me everywhere I walk, an extension of my footsteps, sometimes getting so close to the rhythm that he trips me. He follows me into the bathroom, trying and sometimes succeeding in sitting in my lap. At night he sleeps in a bed below my bed. He curls up below my feet as I sit at my desk writing this, biding his time before he asks to get into the chair with me.

I start a YouTube video on Pilates stretching, my back slowly hits the ground and my skin touches fur.

He rolls, he stretches, he rolls over my face, he rolls into the curve of my back, laying on his back and turning his head to stare into my eyes. I attempt to ignore him which only makes him try harder. I concentrate on my breathing and he licks my nose. I engage my core and he rolls onto stomach. I stretch out my side and he nudges my neck. He cries. I give in and pet his tiny head. He gives me 5 minutes before rolling around on the mat again. Thoroughly enjoying an activity that makes me eye level with tiny furry creature.

Patrick HEARTS Pilates.

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