Thursday, May 11, 2017

Shortest Distance between is Down, Up then Back Down

The sun came up just as I boarded the plane in Nashville on my way to New York City.  Jesse Daniel Edwards "New York Lullaby" came through my headphones as we took off. Well played Ipod. I would have also excepted Sara Bareilles "Manhatten" or Borns "Clouds". I entertain myself leaving my ipod on shuffle and waiting to hear what songs play when I reach different destinations.

It was going to be a beautiful day.

I'd been preparing for my NYC trip in the cold rain the last couple of days. My dog and I huddled in my bedroom packing next to the space heater. It was 87 in Nashville just last week.
The mid 40s to low 60s with some rain was predicted for NYC. I don't own a decent coat for those temperatures or anything water resistant. Layered outfits were created combining my spring and fall clothes that I'd never worn together before making me feel like I had new clothes.

I haven't checked a bag in 15 years, with the exception of moving my life's positions to Nashville 8 years ago. I like everything to fit in a small carry-on. I need the personal item for my camera and food. I bought a hard case smaller than the limit so it would even fit on the small planes overhead.

Flight tip:
Rosewater misted on your face really helps with airplane skin. Budget buy: find drinkable rosewater at any international grocery store and put it in a 3oz spray bottle to keep in your carry-on. Rosewater cools and calms the skin, has anti-bacterial properties and hydrates the skin.

I woke up at 3:15am to make pancakes before my ride arrived to take me to the airport. I hate being hungry at the airport. My food choices are slim and they cost as much as fine dining but without the fine dining taste and experience. Besides there is nothing at the airport better than my chocolate sunflower seed butter banana pancakes.

half a bag of mandarins
black bean quinoa chips
container full of raw cookies (sunflower seed butter/cacao/oats).

I made enough cookies to enjoy two each day of my trip. But realistically I will eat them all on my flights today.

My direct flight was canceled and Delta wanted to reroute me through Florida. Nashville down to Florida then back up to New York. After spending an hour on the phone continually suggesting alternatives that made more sense, they changed my flight to go down to Atlanta, up to Rochester then down to JFK. This option got me in 5 hours earlier than the other but still much later than my original. My favorite question, "Umm Ma'am, is there another airport you could fly out of?"
Well, I could just drive to New York and get there sooner than this flight!
Kind persistence is key. It's not the person on the phones fault and their job really SUCKS. I did get a travel voucher out of it after I asked. Always ask!

I love blasting music through my headphones as I run through the airport. It makes me feel like I'm in a movie. Especially Arcade Fire "Wake Up".
Atlanta Airport, I was listening to Wake UP but I was not fully awake yet in this photo.

One Flight down, two to go.  As the flight from Atlanta ascends, Ingrid Michealson "Keep Breathing" starts. I close my eyes and mouth the words..."All we can do is keep breathing"...just as the angle hits where it feels like you are floating. I take a deep breath and realize I'm okay.
I used to get really sick on flights, every flight, every time. Anxiety, nausea, and really painful ear pressure. I've got it all down to a science now and rarely have problems. The headphones eliminating the sound of the engines make the biggest difference. Music also calms me and takes my mind off the movement. That's not to say you won't see me with my head between my knees when we are descending. It is truly amazing that we fly through the air in giant metal birds. The commonality of it has managed to take away from the fact that we are being hurled through the clouds. I look around the cabin as we level out. Flight Observation: A lot of men sleep with their mouths wide open.
Plane supplies...notebook, music and water bottle.

My Rochester flight is delayed almost an hour to punish me because I didn't want to fly down to Florida. The airport wifi is going in and out. I give up and just listen to music, text people I wish were here in person and eat more raw cookies.

Once on the final flight, I sit wired with expectation. They'd upgraded me to Comfort plus and as I start chair dancing to Beck "Where its At" A man sits next to me speaking loudly into his cell phone clearly irritated with someone. He later tells me that his AA flight had technical difficulties and they put him on this Delta flight, then lost his luggage. He went from a big plane to a small plane so he lost his meal and would be flying all day. I reached into my bag and pulled out my mandarins and ate them in front of him.
Kidding...I shared them as I said, "Well at least they upgraded us to Comfort Plus."
"I paid for this upgrade" he replies.
"Oh.....sorry" I said with a clenched smile.
My flight issues are now paling by comparison.
The Rochester flight ascends to Tom Petty "Wild Flowers".

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm

You belong somewhere you feel free

Damn straight

As soon as the plane levels off, the turbulence begins. I look over at my once chatty neighbor and he's sleeping right through it....with his mouth wide open.

He works for the Nuclear Power Plant

As we descend into New York, Beatles "Oh my Love" starts and I feel every line as I watch the shoreline appear through the window.

I see the wind
Oh, I see the trees
Everything is clear in my heart
I see the clouds
Oh, I see the sky
Everything is clear in our world

It's followed by Atlantis Morrisette "So Pure"  which is so perfect, I think I'll end this entry with the first verse.

You from New York you are so relevant
You reduce me to cosmic tears
Luminous more so then most anyone
Unapologetically alive knot in my stomach
And lump in my throat

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