Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Phoenix Regenerating

Road Trip Days 4-7
Phoenix Arizona 

I’ve been driving 3 days now and Phoenix would be one of 3 longer rests on this journey. I'm staying with my friend Jenna and her family. This is my third visit to Phoenix; the first time was Jenna’s wedding in 2013, and the second after the birth of her second child last February.

Jenna’s Stats
Friends since: 2008
Who introduced us: My parents
Together in: Hawaii
Then I moved: Tennessee
Then she moved: Arizona
What Makes us alike: environmentalists, natural medicine, political views
What Makes us different: hmmm, nothing important
Fun Fact: Jenna moved to Hawaii after medical school for a Naturopath position. My parents met her at the clinic and took her surfing. Then they introduced me to my soul mate. I later worked in that same clinic with her before I moved to Nashville. 

I don’t have children of my own and its been a long time since I’ve played. Here I got throughly caught up on twirling, chalk drawing and legos. Strong regrets that I didn’t photograph our masterpieces. I bought her older daughter a leotard with tutu and we danced in the grass. 

Patrick also played…with their dog Penelope, who was just not that into him.

This is what mid life crisis looks like. Baby sling turned dog carrier. 
Sometimes Penelope needed a break from his strong affections.

The desert trails near the botanical gardens. The soft beauty of rose hued sand against blue skies combined with the impending danger of scorpions, snakes, and dehydration. 

Patrick resting in his shoulder bag. His favorite place to be when we are 
making dinner, and I loved the cuteness looking up at me. 

Road to Echo Canyon view.

One of our favorite lunch places in Phoenix is Flower Child. A healthy eatery found in Arizona, California and Texas. Everything is fresh and fantastic with lots of options for vegan, vegetarians and gluten free.  Flower Child  


Above: Mother Earth - ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, leafy green, red pepper miso vinaigrette with hemp seeds. 

Above: The Flying Avocado on Gluten free pita - smoked turkey, Gouda, romaine, tomato, and avocado hummus.  The gluten free mac & cheese is a must add to any order. 

I love this woman to pieces. Our visits are never long enough. I'm always scheming to get us closer without it involving me moving to Phoenix. 

My parting gift from Jenna's woodworker hubby. A gorgeous cherry cutting board/road trip protective weapon.  BT3 Custom Woodworks

The blazing sunset view from the neighborhood while we Trick or Treated. 

Good Bye Phoenix! 
Next stop California

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