Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gluten Free Pepperoni Goat Cheese & Spinach Pizza

I'm Listening to Prince on the record player and seriously regretting not grabbing that $3.99 bottle of red wine at Trader Joes. Before you cringe, it's organic and not that bad. But I like to say that every wine is decent by the second glass.

While at Trader Joes I happened upon a new item in the freezer section, Gluten Free pizza crusts. Yes, you can buy gluten-free pizza crusts elsewhere. But in my experience, those tend to cost almost the same price as a whole gluten free pizza. These were priced at a very affordable $3.69 for 2! The alternative to wheat flour ingredients consisted of Buckwheat, Sorghum and Rice flour.
I also bought some pepperoni slices (also $3.29) and decided I would use whatever was in the fridge for the rest of the toppings.

At home I investigated my ingredients for possible combinations. I knew I didn't have tomato sauce. I had pesto paste but I had used all my olive oil! Hmmmm but I do have coconut oil! I preheated the oven and let the frozen crust defrost on the top. They are a nice size too...almost 10" diameter. Once it was soft I coated the top with coconut oil, followed by pesto, spinach, pepperoni and topped with small spoonfuls of Honey Goat Cheese. Everything was from Trader Joes except the Pesto paste. They do carry pesto sauce and if you are not like me and can freely consume cashews by the handfuls, you could get all these ingredients in one place.

The crust was pretty decent, not the best I've ever had but certainly not the worst. It bumbled up a little and didn't fall apart. I could definitely taste the buckwheat. They reminded me a little of Pita bread. I was going to try a totally different concoction on the second crust but this one was so delish, I will probably repeat instead.

Happy Tuesday!

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